Ethereal Love

Emanuel, we earnestly believe
your free love is equal for everyone.
Unearned, eternal, electrifying,
your love emancipates eager people.

Ethereal Love, in Jesus we see you,
receive you, even experience you.
Secret of eons ever evolving,
never ebbing, streaming from Eden’s tree
to Calvary’s zenith and epitome.

Seeds from earliest Easter’s empty tomb
emerge each year, revealing epic love,
easing emergencies, leading, feeding,
educating, enchanting, entrancing.

Jesus talking with the people

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Divine Love Dawns



Divine Love dawns anew each day,
delights, directs, does not delay.

Dear Love drinks danger. Delving down
deep, daring love dispels our shroud.

God’s Love endows different duets:
delivers dinners, dissolves debts.

Disciple Love discovers doors,
defers to deacons and doctors.

Undying Love dances and drums:
diverse desires; enduring dreams.


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Cover us, Love


Cover us, Love: clothe us in your
compassion; keep us kind like you.
Be our compass and charisma,
courageous covenant maker.

Creator, we crave your cleansing;
carry her cares, loving captain;
cure his cancerous discontent.
We’re curious: can we come closer?

Your colorful choir calls us
from cries about crime to candid
communication at crossroads.
Christen, counsel, complete us, Love.

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Breath of Love

Breath of Love, you buoy our bodies,
blessing brains and bones with balance;
you bend beneath us, bear  us up.
Blood-bound, we belong to you, Love.

Brother-in-Love, you embolden us,
break down barriers, build up bridges.
Bringing boons beyond our blunders,
you embrace us; we bank on you.

Brilliant One, your breeze-borne Love beams,
birthing, budding, blooming, branching.
Above, below, your Love billows;
behind, before, boundless beacon.

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Awesome Love

Awesome Love, we acclaim you
most creative artist,
most auspicious author.

Anchor, Advocate, Arbiter,
you align us with angels;
your love is astronomical.

You awaken, absolve, affirm;
you abolish artifice.

Love, be our administrator;
arm us for amnesty
as your associates,
astute, accessible,
adventuresome, affirming.

Absolute Love, we adore You.

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Summer Dance Day

There are always worthwhile actions
that fill without killing a day’s time:
the garden beckons with beans to pick
and weeds to pull; sunlit clotheslines
anticipate breeze-dried sheets and towels.

There are always plans, choices and
meals to be made, hopefully with Love.
Oh how subtly summer endeavors
devolve from delight to drudgery
when we ignore You, Master Dancer!

Yet Your Love conducts each child heart
from rapport to rapt I-contact.
Immune from toxic word volleys
our movements create poems and peace
beyond filling to fulfilling.

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Relent SighTreat

scan0001Here’s how I picture my spirit after four wondrous hours at Dayspring with Cheryl and other faithful earth-tenders: carefree, surging with hope, invigorated, rejuvenated. It’s always that way after a Respring Daytreat, actually after any relent sightreat.

PS – This syllable switch wordplay is fun!

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