Summer Dance Day

There are always worthwhile actions
that fill without killing a day’s time:
the garden beckons with beans to pick
and weeds to pull; sunlit clotheslines
anticipate breeze-dried sheets and towels.

There are always plans, choices and
meals to be made, hopefully with Love.
Oh how subtly summer endeavors
devolve from delight to drudgery
when we ignore You, Master Dancer!

Yet Your Love conducts each child heart
from rapport to rapt I-contact.
Immune from toxic word volleys
our movements create poems and peace
beyond filling to fulfilling.

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Relent SighTreat

scan0001Here’s how I picture my spirit after four wondrous hours at Dayspring with Cheryl and other faithful earth-tenders: carefree, surging with hope, invigorated, rejuvenated. It’s always that way after a Respring Daytreat, actually after any relent sightreat.

PS – This syllable switch wordplay is fun!

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scan0001Long time ago I did a series of these psycho face drawings over watercolor. Now a wordplay excursion leads me back to this one. It’s that swamped or sopped feeling of being whelmeroved.

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NO to fireworks!

Why do cities, even including Greenbelt; why does the US government burn up countless $$$$$$$$$$$$ each year in fireworks? Isn’t it common sense not to waste money anytime and especially when the national debt is so high and cities struggle to provide services and pay staff without raising taxes?

Why don’t people admit that fireworks are idolatrous? They foster ecstatic worship of some nebulous concept of freedom or national identity. Like the national anthem’s “bombs bursting in air,” fireworks celebrate violence and noise. They also glorify the spiraling decadence and pollution of fossil fuel extravagance.

Our Creator sends awesome thunderstorms with wind and rain that cool our air. Rainbow, dawn, and sunset colors burgeon spectacularly all around our planet. When will we stop trying to improve on divine light shows?

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Pentecost Prayer

Now we can be children again,
Spirit borne,
sensitive and tentative;
yet effervescent,
entranced by Your ascent.

Now let us be penitent women and men,
relinquishing pretense,
tender and gentle;
but not sentimental,
reverent in Your presence.

Now we will be ember tenders,
newly blessed, blessing;
refreshed, refreshing;
ever energized
by Your gently impelling breath.

Now You mend us as temple tents
dwelling together,
indwelt permanently
by the gentle majesty of Your
immanent transcendence.

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Growing Community

1. You

2. Two or
three are
one when
linked by

3. Attention

4. Grandkids give grand
hugs, will share smiles
and tears alike;
write grand letters,
tell grand secrets.

5. Children harmonize
in rhythmic color:
red, yellow, black, white;
churches, form, reform,
global love circles.

6. Neighbors welcome strangers
to impromptu suppers,
connecting facess with
names, personalities
and stories old or new.

7. A pastor on God’s heart beat
patrols the block at sunrise,
elevates by name or face
each one whose house she passes,
giving thanks and crying pleas.

8. Conversations flourish among
Christ’s siblings caring for daughters,
sons and parents. Mothers become
sisters; Creator Spirit fires
the bonding, breathes hope after death.

9. Some befriend prisoners or patients;
others offer free homegrown produce;
godparents, role models and mentors,
counselors, tutors, teachers, coaches–
all serve One by serving each other.

10. Yes, two or more true friends comprise a live
community on pilgrimage, guided
by One who dispels griefs and can transform
every grievance; together we move toward
ravaged earth’s glorious recreation.

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Internal Combustion

Walking together then, yet each alone,
broken-hearted, heavy-hearted,
blindly trudging back home;
talking things over as we are today.

Yes, only now everything is new.
Do you know when he joined us?
No, do you? How those hours flew!
Our yearning hearts knew him first
as his words made holy writ come alive;
but the learning was only beginning.

We almost came home without him.
Yet perhaps he planned to come–
to see us know him–bread alive!
Turning to each other as he vanished,
we knew immediately what to do.

Rose and returned pell-mell to the city,
but this time light-hearted.
Bursting with joy we hurried along
unwearied, unburdened, internally driven.
Two persons with hearts melted down,
forged into one by the force of his words.
Eager to banish fearful misgivings,
we toldĀ the dubious and dutiful disciples:
“Those women were not idle dreamers!”

That was yesterday;
today we go home again.
Yes, and we are still yearning.
But not isolated now;
no longer despairing.
Now fervently learning, always alert,
ready to turn and return
with burning hearts.


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